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There’s nothing like talking to “real women” to make us laugh, relate to one another, commiserate and thrive. With that in mind, choose one of the e-cards below (yes, they all originated from the lips of real women) and share with your friends & family.

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“Mothers are superheroes sans capes... wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!”
“Motherhood is an adventure filled with chaos, sweetness, joyfulness, and _____ (fill in the blank). Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!”
“Motherhood is not for the faint of heart! Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day, filled with all you wish for (and deserve).”
“Mother: activities coordinator, chauffeur, counselor, mediator, mentor, multi-tasking wizard, nurse, nutritionist, operations manager and teacher (among other things). Feel free to add to this list... wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!”
“Everything changes once you become a mother.”
“Being a happy person makes you a better mother.”
“Congratulations – your waist is expanding (with good reason), your family is growing, and your heart will soon overflow with love. Wishing you only good things!”
“Women today deserve more than a happy birthday... how about a parade?”
“Happy Birthday! Women today are entitled to some serious Positive Selfishness. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!”
“Love is a series of adventures. May your anniversary lead to only good ones.”
“Anyone who says it’s easy, is lying... Congrats to you both on getting one step closer to your Golden Anniversary.”
“Thank you for the many ways you help my (often crazy) world go round!”
“Thank you for helping me ‘do it all, without losing my mind’ ”
“You are more than in my village, you are in my hut.”
“There is a reason I have you in my ‘inner circle’. I’m honored to be your friend.  You amaze me.”
“I am sending you get well wishes, and wishes for you to ‘feed’ your mind, body, heart and soul.”
“Being a woman today is exhausting!”
“Last time I checked I didn’t have a cape with a giant ‘S’ blazoned on the back. Remember, we are all women, not superwomen.”
“While I am pretty good at doing many things at the same time, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t figure out how to be... at two places at the same time.”
“I wish I had known that I didn’t need all the answers, that it was okay to try something and not like it, and use that experience to move to something I did.”
“Self care? What is that? Does wine count?”
“At the end of the day, tell yourself that what you did, was enough.”
“Talking to real women is good medicine.”
“Find what you love to do. Only you know what makes you lose track of time and makes you tick.”

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